Kabelwerk Rhenania GmbH manufactures a comprehensive range of standard fibre optical cables. In addition, we also offer special customer designed constructions. The high quality of our design and our workmanship are the basis of consistently good mechanical and optical properties of our cables.

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Cables for blowing in microducts

Mikro A-DQ(ZN)2Y 1xn E9/125 Ø 2,5 mm / 2,9 mm
Mikro A-DQ(ZN)2Y 1xn E9/125 Ø 3,7 mm
Mini A-DQ(ZN)2Y nx12 E9/125
Mini U-DQ(ZN)H 144 O.F. E9/125 with 200┬Ám fibres (indoor / outdoor)

Outdoor Cables, non-metallic

XD100 / XF100
XDG10 / XFG10

Indoor/Outdoor Cables


Declaration of perfomance

DoP 100
DoP 101
DoP 102

Armoured Cables

XDC10 / XFC10
XD1C1 / XF1C1
XD200 / XF200

All-dielectric self supporting cable

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Special fibre optic cable types

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Fiber specification
Materials for specific requirements