(DIN: A-DQ(ZN)(L)2Y / A-DSQ(ZN)(L)2Y)


(DIN: A-DF(ZN)(L)2Y / A-DSF(ZN)(L)2Y))

Stranded multitube, outdoor, Alu/PE sheath fibre optic cable


Outdoor fibre optic cable for ducts and trays and direct burial applications.


1. FRP – central element
2. optical fibres
3. stranded tube (jelly filled)
4. filling element(s)
5. swellable elements or jelly
6. ripcord (optional)
7. plastic tape
8. tensile strength elements
9. Alu/PE sheath
10. PE outer sheath
11. Optional: cupper pairs or wires
Product description

Structure designed to fit up to 24 tubes stranded around a central strength element.
Depending on the fibres/tubes count, tube(s) may be replaced by filling element(s). Each jelly filled tube may include up to 12 optical fibres. Optional copper pairs may be stranded with the tubes.
Longitudinal water-tightness is ensured by swellable elements (XD200) or by filling compound (jelly) (XF200).
The black Alu/PE outer sheath (mouisture barrier) perfectly suits outdoor applications.

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